Saint Seiya Anime
I used to have all Saint Seiya episodes on video cassette. I got them from French TV. But as you all know, the quality gets worse after several years. That's why I recorded them again when the show was on TV for the second time. Unfortunately there was a problem with censorship and a lot of scenes were cut out of the anime and I lost a lot of good scenes...

Since February 1999, I'm the happy owner of a DVD player and I heard from a friend that you could buy the complete Saint Seiya anime on VCD. So that's what I did... I am now owner of the 34 first VCD's of the Saint Seiya anime featuring all the episodes until the end of the "Asgard " chapter. It's realy awesome because it's in Japanese !!! I'm planning on buying the other (final) chapter real soon (= Poseidon). OK, the VCD quality isn't as good as DVD or laserdisc but at least it's much better quality than a 10 year old video cassette...

Because I bought the first chapter in one piece (a 25 discs box), I don't have the seperate cover sheets of each individual VCD, and I would appreciate it if someone could email them to me in original size, all I have is the special 25 discs box.

If someone can send me the cover sheets of the VCD's I will display them on my site.

Chapter 1 : eps.1-73

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